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MMAD Guild Code of Conduct

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MMAD Guild Code of Conduct

Post  DanseM on Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:07 am

MMAD GUILD Code of Conduct

Guild Ethos

The aim is to be a Guild where members are given the opportunity to participate and share in the Guild Wars 2 experience, with people of a generally similar temperament, and to create an experience that is pleasurable and helpful to its members.

Having a large number of members is not the main aim of [MMAD] but the maintenance of the Guild ethos and the subsequent benefit to the members is considered key to its continued success.

Friendships will be forged, we’re here to play the game, enjoy it and have fun!

This policy relates to all the areas of the guild, whether guild chat, the forum or in TeamSpeak.


The participation level is relaxed but we do prefer that our members log in and represent the guild. Periods of extended inactivity/not representing may result in being removed from the list of members.


Like a Star @ heaven Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Like a Star @ heaven Be friendly, tolerant, and courteous to others.

Like a Star @ heaven No begging for runs, equipment, materials or money. Ask for things you need, but don't pester or demand. Asking for help is perfectly okay; helping each other is part of what we do. Ask in a polite and considerate manner, and you may receive.

Like a Star @ heaven No spamming. If you have not received an answer it may mean players are busy and cannot respond immediately.

Like a Star @ heaven Swearing. Go light on the swearing, outbursts of rage and frustration in chat makes it a less pleasant place to be and continual outbursts can result in your removal.

If someone objects to your language, please keep this in mind and try not to continue offending. We strive for comradery not rivalry.

Like a Star @ heaven No derogatory comments (i.e. race, religion, culture).

Like a Star @ heaven Please refrain from harassing other members.

Like a Star @ heaven Any threads/posts deemed to be detrimental to the overall membership of the Guild may be deleted or temporarily frozen by the Forum administration. Such incidents are very rare but necessary to maintain a happy friendly environment on the forum and within the guild


Officers are expected to be kind and courteous, a good role model of what a [MMAD] guild member is. Please remember officers are human and also have real life commitments, there are no expectations of officers other than those just stated.

Do not ask to be promoted, these are given out on occasion to those they deem suitable. The guild leaders make this decision and we usually consult the opinion of our officers before doing so


At MMAD we do our best to keep everyone happy, and if you have a grievance by all means let us know.


We're terrible at recruiting and prefer not to, most of the time we can't be bothered with it but we do warmly welcome anyone mad enough to want to join us.
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